Trailbuilding Tools

Are you a trailbuilder or visionary who is frustrated by subpar tools that weren’t built for real work? Look no further! Our trailbuilding tools work as hard as you do, helping you create the perfect flow.

Firefighting Tools

Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, our innovative tools have earned their keep on the fire line. No firefighting arsenal is complete without one.

Firefighting Tools

Trusted by wildland firefighters around the world, our innovative tools have earned their keep on the fire line. No firefighting arsenal is complete without one.

Garden Tools

Gardeners everywhere rely on our Rogue Hoe Scuffle Hoe and Hand Hoe. These tools last for years, not just a few weekends. Your garden (and your back) will thank you!

Find the Rogue Hoe for You

All our tools are Made in America and designed to last a lifetime.

Meet the 70AR – “Travis Tool”

This multi-purpose tool is built for hard work, whether it’s removing brush from a trail or digging out roots and rocks.

New Flat Hoes & Rakes

We’re excited to offer these new favorites for backcountry firefighting, trailbuilding, and gardening.

Best Selling Garden Hoe

The 575G is perfect for those backyard gardens. Our selection of long and short handle hoes will make any gardener happy!

Happy Customers

“I purchased the fire fighter hoe/rake combination for use on our land in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and all I can say is “Amazing!!” The craftsmanship is better than I could expect and makes butter out of The hard rocky soil up here in the mountains. Best tool I have! Great product, great company!”

Mike B.

“I bought a scuffle hoe and a regular 4″ hoe, and I will never buy another brand as long as I live. They make short work of any nasty job you might have. I am delighted with your product, pure quality.”


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Due to the inability of the factory to get materials because of the Covid 19, we will be open only 2 days a week: Monday and Tuesday 8a.m. -4p.m.  Sales are outrunning the manufacturing ability, so we are not going to be accepting orders over the internet, until we can get caught back up.

If you want to order on the phone, we will take your order, with the understanding that we do not know what the wait times are right now.  We will not charge your card until the order can be filled. We just do not know at this point how long of a wait we are looking at for replenishment.

We just have to shut the website down, so the orders can get somewhat under control, in hopes that the factory will get caught back up.

We sincerely regret having to do this, but that is the way it has to be for the time being.

For our customers who have already had their card charged for an internet order, we will send you a full refund, if you do not wish to wait this out.  If you want to wait, just let us know, and we will keep the order in line and fill as soon as we can, as soon as the inventory starts to flow back in.  For those of you who ordered on the telephone, we have not charged your card yet, unless you have given us instruction to do so, and were in agreement with the uncertain wait times.

Please call us if you want a refund, or email us.  We will work to contact each customer with an order in, but please understand this is a time consuming process, and there are limited workers here as well, so please be patient.

Again, we deeply regret having to make this decision.  We value our customers and want to be fair to you, so we feel this was the right move, given the circumstances.

If you choose to wait, watch on our website and facebook page for a reopening bulletin. You can also request an email notification below.


Larry D. Pierce

Owner of Rogue Hoe Distributing, LLC

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