55A – 5.5″ Hoe/Pick

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The head measures measures 5½” x 9″ (W x H) and is sharp on 3 sides. All in all, it weighs 3 lbs and has a 3/4″ pick on one end of the blade.


This model is handy for chopping through wood, hard dirt, and a variety of obstacles. The head measures 5½” x 9″ (W x H) and is sharp on 3 sides. All in all, it weighs 3 lbs and has a 3/4″ pick on one end of the blade. Different handles and lengths are available.

6 reviews for 55A – 5.5″ Hoe/Pick

  1. Bryan Yells

    my favourite trail tool! loved by the River City Cycle Club on Vancouver Island!!

  2. Stormy Manuals

    Great trail maintenance tool. Punches far above its weight. It is super light= easy to carry and swing all day(can swing 1 handed no problem). Pick is good for moving and placing rocks. Hoe edge moves a decent amount of dirt. Great tool for drain maintenance and 1st pass benching in steep terrain. really good for hand carrying in to backcountry systems and terrain.

  3. Joseph Van Wyck

    My favorite hoe for gardening. Use small end to pick out weeds. Use the wide end to remove plants. Put some Liquid Rubber on the end, use it to punch holes in dirt for transplants. Hori Hori knife in the big size! The 54 inch round shaft allows me to cut through 3 inch roots in one swing. Love the these Rogue Hoe Tools. When the roots get bigger thenPulaski’ comes out to play!

  4. Art Horn

    Worked exactly like what I purchased it for (to dig out the dead roots from an old hedge)

    When compared to your typical garden center/big box store tool, which sells for close to the same price, well, there is NO comparison in quality, OR the ability to do the job.

  5. Tom

    Better than expected.

    5 lb pick axe was heavy and 3 lb pick axe broke. Tried this on a whim and was a little shocked how happy I was. Won’t replace a 5 lb pickaxe for breaking large rock but has similiar robustness for rocky dirt work.

  6. K. Krider (verified owner)

    This thing is beast! So I am a firefighter, I have used all the standard tools. I value a tool that keeps an edge in rocks and can cut bigger roots. The 55A does all that! I have cut 2 inch roots no problem, it grubs and scrapes as good as anything else I have used. Sure it.isnt a 10 inch blade, there are other tools that do certain things well, but this is an AMAZING general purpose fire and trail tool. I use it at home to hoe weeds and till soil also. Its like a mini dozer for your hands. All I can say is HELL YA. I will likely buy more tools from Rogue, I just love their stuff!

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