55HR – 5.5″ Hoe/Rake

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Meet the little brother of the 70HR. The head is smaller at 5″ wide.



Meet the little brother of the 70HR. The head is smaller at 5″ wide. Ash, hickory, or fiberglass handles are available in various lengths. It’s your choice!

3 reviews for 55HR – 5.5″ Hoe/Rake

  1. Christian Gustafson (verified owner)

    I bought the 55HR to maintain trails in the Pasayten Wilderness of WA. It’s a beast, yet small enough that I can carry it while backpacking. It worked very well to cut and shape new bits of trail to connect old, abandoned segments. I’ll bring it with me from now on when I have serious work to do.

  2. Andrew Benz (verified owner)

    I recently built a retaining wall garden in front of my house and I found myself using the 55HR more than my shovels. I’ve got VERY rocky soil and the hoe made digging out the trench for the paver stones much easier. The rake side was also really useful for scraping up all the old mulch and top soil, so that I only had to use the shovel to scoop the already loosened material into buckets. My only regret is that I didn’t buy the 70HR, too!

  3. Tim Grimme

    I have a 5″ hoe-rake with the 54″ fiberglass handle. This has become my my go to trail tool for all my volunteer maintenance. Bench cutting, de-berming, waterbar cleanouts. You name it this thing can do it. And this size is great for carrying on walks for impromptu sessions to address trail problem areas. The fiberglass handle lets me swing this thing for hours. I also have Rogue Hoe/Pick and a 7″ Travis tool. Great tools as well and favorites with my crew.

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