80C – 8″ Colinear Hoe

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This hoe comes with an 8″ x 2½” (W x H) head and weighs 2½ lbs.

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This hoe comes with an 8″ x 2½” (W x H) head and weighs 2½ lbs. The Ash handle measures 60″ long. The colinear hoe is a thumbs up hoe, with the cutting edge on the inside of the blade: opposite of a regular hoe. Some gardeners prefer this type as it’s designed to be used perpendicular to the ground with a pulling motion back toward the user.

1 review for 80C – 8″ Colinear Hoe

  1. Mark Warner

    Wow! Razor sharp, thick tempered steel, and a wide blade. Gardening on a lot of about 8500 square feet. Do not have a lawn mower and like to hand weed everything, no chemicals. This hoe is a tremendous tool. Easily cuts my weeding time in half. In Oregon we have rock hard clay soil, compounded by my walkway that has been packed down, well, forever I guess. This was a rodeo grounds before development so the clay is very hard. My previous tool from a very large manufacturer in Holland would have the cutting edge roll back due to the hardness of the clay. I would have to file it off to use it again. This tool does not do that. A very welcome addition to my gardening operation.

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