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What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I purchased a scuffle hoe, hand hoe, and garden hoe from you last spring and have been very happy with all three. The quality is immediately apparent! I have to admit that the scuffle hoe turned out to be my favorite garden tool. I found so many uses for it! Thank you for reaffirming that buying “American” can still give you quality at a value price.”



What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I own several Rogue hoes but by far my favorite is what I call an old fashioned grubbing hoe and what I believe Rogue calls a field hoe. When I was trying to decide which size to get, I was given superb advice by the person helping me with my order. She suggested due to being female and my height that I go with the shorter hoe and she was spot on with her advice. This hoe is a beast and I use it to tackle the toughest weeds that grow here in central Texas…weeds that my weed eater won’t touch! I personally believe these are the best hoes you can buy for your money and I am just sorry I have waited so long to post a review!”


What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I wanted to buy a good American-made hoe so I went online and found Rogue Hoe. Bought the 60S Scuffle Hoe with 54″ handle. I am 5’7″ tall and the 54″ handle is perfect for me. I used my scuffle hoe for the first time today to weed around four 100′ rows of greens. This is a great tool. No need to pick the hoe head up and chop the weeds. Just lay the scuffle hoe head flat on the ground and push and pull it back and forth. It is very sharp and cuts easily through the soil and weeds. If the soil is not packed hard you can stand up straight and use one hand to work the hoe back and forth. This eliminates a lot of the stress on your back. I could not be more satisfied with this hoe.”


What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I am always leery of products that I can’t try out first, but your scuffle hoes sounded like a good candidate for hoeing within the rows for three acres of squash. I received three of your 8″ hoes today and we promptly tried them out. They worked well beyond our expectations. We knocked out an acre in the midday sun just to try them out and everybody was amazed at how quick it went versus the chopping with conventional hoes that we had been doing. I’ll definitely recommend them to others.”

Mike M.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I just purchased the Rogue scuffle hoe. I have a vegetable and herb garden in my back yard in Tennessee and weeds have taken over my garden more than once in the past. The scuffle hoe just put an end to that! It is a fantastic design. I weeded the entire garden in just half an hour. I can weed right up next to the stalk of any plant without damaging the plant. The key is the low flat design, and being very sharp on all three sides. The 60 inch handle also helps since I am tall. I wish I had known about this hoe years ago. It eliminates pulling weeds. When I have tried mulching with hay or grass clippings in the past, the weeds just grow through them and then its impossible to pull the weeds or hoe them. I even tried black plastic one year, disaster. The scuffle hoe eliminates the need for mulch, its easier to just spot hoe every week or so. The hoe can be kept sharp with an occasional touch up with a file. Thank you!”


What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I ordered your rogue hoe for my brother, and he called me a few nights later and said that he had used that hoe all day and it was the finest tool he had ever used. He said he wasn’t even tired it was so sharp, and being sharp on all three sides he was going on and on about how wonderful it was, and he wanted me to write to you and tell you what a fine hoe this was and thank you for creating it.”

Shirley K.

I bought a scuffle hoe and a regular 4″ hoe, and I will never buy another brand as long as I live. They make short work of any nasty job you might have. I am delighted with your product, pure quality.


The hoes arrived and I LOVE THEM!!!!! Especially the scuffle hoe – boy oh boy – I had the bean patch cleaned up in 1/10th the normal time!!!!

Debbie L.

These three (Ethan, Mckenzie, and Katelynn) have been building trail for about four years now. This trail (Lawler) is a brand new section of Lawler proper, eliminating a three mile gravel road section. Where they are standing wasn’t a trail when they got there in the morning. Through dedication of trail groups (disciples of dirt in this instance) and partnerships with the USFS along with generosity from sponsors such as Rogue Hoes, good things happen for the greater good of the community!

Shawn L.

This is the third of your hoes I have purchased. As an agricultural scientist, and keen home gardener, I do a lot of hoeing. Rogue are the best hoes I have ever used! They stay sharp and are indestructible. Keep up the good work!


We received our shipment of hoes several weeks ago, and after considerable use in the field can say with certainty that they are the best tools in our sizable inventory. We are grubbing new mountain bike trails and are in mixed terrain that includes deep moss and heavy layers of organic material as well as steep side-slopes formed by rockslides millennia ago. When it comes to grubbing, we’ve all but put away our McLeods. Thanks very much for an excellent product!

Doug T.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


“We have used your Rogue Hoes for years and absolutely love them. We hoe over 60,000 (yes we count them!) grass burs in a summer/fall season on our  166 AC Texas ranch to improve the habitat for wildlife. Nothing works like your hoe! Couldn’t do half the annual amount without these sturdy, sharp hoes.  They are such impressive quality and, boy, can they cut through a stubborn root! Who’d a thought a hoe could make me this happy?”



What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I have just purchased hoe #9 from Rogue Hoes. A friend of mine had recommended the brand to me last year. I drove 50 miles to the nearest dealer in Hinton, OK and bought 2 of them-the 65VW and the colinear. I was so very impressed that I drove back this year to buy 2 of the scuffle hoes…. I bought (2) 65vw’s and one colinear for them…. To get the scuffle hoes I wanted, I ordered the 25 s and 40 s online when I returned home. That was #6 and 7 for myself and friends– and a total of 4 for myself. Then another friend wanted a scuffle hoe after trying my 40S. He wanted the 60S and I wanted one of those as well, so ordered 2 of those-one for him and one for myself. That made a total of 9 hoes I have purchased.

The best part of this is that my wife loves our 40S. She has claimed it for herself and uses it everyday in our garden. My only regret so far was that I did not order the 80S or one of the hand scuffles. I guess I will do that later!

BTW-I love the ash handles. I always order them in the 60″ length.”



What Our Customers Are Saying...


“I fell in love with the 55h field hoe. I put that thing through the paces here in east Tennessee. I wasn’t sure if it would hold up to the rocky soil here. I completely wore off the edge on it, resharpened and did it all over again. Just a wonderful tool for creating garden beds, breaking new soil, digging around stumps, and general tilling. My gas powered tiller actually broke this year and I didn’t mind a bit. The 55h replaced it and it was just so much more peaceful to work in a garden without gasoline engines running. I recommend Rogue hoes to anyone I talk to that is tired of the crap tools they sell at chain home/garden stores. I just noticed the new “big brother” to the 55h (the Rhino) and I’m going to have to start dropping hints for father’s day. Thanks for making a great tool!”


Mike H.

What Our Customers Are Saying...


“Phyllis….. you are right! I’ve used my new Rogue garden hoe and am more excited! It arrived yesterday just as I was leaving for work. This morning, still in PJs, I unwrapped the hoe and went out to my little back door herb garden ….. I got so carried away that I forgot my breakfast pan was on the stove …. oops. ( Do you know a good American company that makes frying pans? ) I’m already thinking about what other ones I’d like to have… gifts and so on. So glad that I Googled American made hoe and it let me to your site! God Bless America, God Bless you. I look forward to doing business with you again and will surely keep spreading the word about Rogue.”


Just wanted to let you guys know your hoes are awesome! I learned about rogue hoes from working with folks building mountain bike trails in CT, and since I am also a vegetable farmer, I decided to give the 60S a try knowing that scuffle hoes worked well. Yours is by far the best I’ve used, and the edge lasts longer than all the others I’ve used as well. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Dan S.

I purchased the fire fighter hoe/rake combination for use on our land in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and all I can say is “Amazing!!” The craftsmanship is better than I could expect and makes butter out of The hard rocky soil up here in the mountains. Best tool I have! Great product, great company!

Mike B.

Cannot say enough about your hoes! I farm over 14,000 pumpkins yearly with a small garden tractor and three of your hoes. COULD NOT do it without them.


Photo by Renee Bomers
Photo by Jen Mueller

I ordered two hoes from you for my 13-year-old son, Timothy. He received them both on Christmas Day, which is also his birthday, and I thought you might like to see a photo of him Christmas morning. (see left) You included some seeds as a gift for him, and he was very excited about and appreciative of them. Thank you!

Renee B.

I work for The Nature Conservancy as part of the Chattahoochee Fall Line Prescribed Fire Team. Our crew has several of your hoes and mini McLeods and we really enjoy using them on the fire line as well as during line prep! We are a traveling crew, and spend much of our time camping at our burn sites throughout Georgia and Alabama. Most nights we cook in cast iron over a fire, and we discovered a new application for the mini McLeod – a lid lifter/coal raker (see photo at left). We thought you might enjoy seeing another application our crew has found for your tools.

Jen M.

Yesterday, I had just finished up some trail work and was climbing out of the ravine on the access trail with tools on my shoulder. I came upon an older woman walking her dogs along the trail. She stopped me and started asking questions about the new trail and telling me how wonderful she thought it was. She had assumed that some mechanized machine had cut this trail through the steep hillside. She was stunned when I explained that it had all been done using hand tools and then I showed her the rogue I had been using. It was great to see the surprise on her face.

Rob P.

We got a field hoe with a fiberglass handle and have discovered it is wonderful for chopping off thistles in the pasture. Only one chop required. Really like all the hoes we have gotten.

John & Pat S.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“I bought three of your hoes several years ago and it seems like as soon as you set the tool down another trail builder quickly picks it up and skunks off with it. They are definitely favorites and I thought our club should try some of your other tools. By the way, as the one who also has to maintain the tools, I give your tools an A+ for staying sharp!”

Mike E.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“What an excellent garden tool! My husband and I would almost fight over the first one we bought so had to go get two more! They work great, except when you get too close to the plants!”

Karen A.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“Absolutely love my, heavy duty garden hoe. Tool stays sharp and makes weeding close to plants very easy. Been using it for a few years now. Only wish more places carried these fine tools!”

Matthew S.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“I bought the hoe, because I tried one last year and it felt like a great tool with good balance.  My new one arrived and last night I hoed my garden.  It looks like a real garden for the first time in years. I owe it all to my Rogue Hoe.  I even told the gravel truck driver I saw about it.  Worth every dollar!!  I’m going to talk to my fire chief about your fire hoes, when I next see him.  Be well and thanks for a real tool.”

Bob F.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“I just received my scuffle hoe today. What a well built tool. I spent the night in the garden with it and was very impressed. You folks have a good thing going on. I hope to buy more tools from you. Thanks again.”


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