40G – 4″ Garden Hoe

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The blade measure 4″ x 3″ (W x H). Ash handle.

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This dainty hoe is perfect for flower beds and small, confined areas where the weeds grow thick. The blade measure 4″ x 3″ (W x H). Ash handle.

2 reviews for 40G – 4″ Garden Hoe

  1. Mark Warner (verified owner)

    There is not another hoe like this on the market. Made from tempered agricultural disks this steel hoe will last a lifetime and beyond. It is easily three times as thick as the “box store” hoe I have. And sharp! Could be used for shaving if need be. Like the smaller size to get in under my plants and the square design to get next to my concrete driveway and walking paths. Thank you!

  2. Paula Carter (verified owner)

    I am thrilled with this hoe. I bought it from Rogue at a time when everything else was sold out: I wanted something bigger. Let me tell you, if you want to buy a weed whacker, just get this. I can surgically remove weeds among grass and in rough spots, keep it nice and sharp with a file. Great for digging narrow ditches too. I’m a 5’4″ woman, very strong but not as strong as many men. I would much rather use this than anything motorized. Got it with the 60″ ash handle. Now, I wouldn’t use it in the vegetable garden. I have a colinear hoe for that, much lighter. I use this where I would use a weed whacker. It gets the weeds growing under the raised beds. A very strong tool, I don’t fear it breaking but I use it for intermediate work, no rocks. I treat it well, keep it clean dry and sharp. Just using it now to weed out old tiger lily beds. Soon I will be harassing the knotweed with it.

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