60S – 6″ Scuffle Hoe

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A wonderful tool for growing vegetables, flowers, and landscaping. It has a 4″ x 4″ x 6″ wide working head.

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A wonderful tool for growing vegetables, flowers, and landscaping. The weeds don’t have a chance with this one! One customer told us he can out-weed a tiller with his 60S. It has a 4″ x 4″ x 6″ wide working head. Ash handles available in different lengths.

11 reviews for 60S – 6″ Scuffle Hoe

  1. Mark

    I farm in Washington State, and I can’t believe that no one has reviewed this awesome weed killer! I use it all the time around the farm, and it is so efficient that it’s easy to hoe instead of spraying. Terrific durability on the blade!

  2. Blake (verified owner)

    This is my new weapon of choice when battling weeds in a gravel landscape in Arizona. Feels well built and durable. The beveled corners make for worry-free use along the edge of the sidewalk or driveway.

  3. Ryan

    Works great. I used to have plants choked by weeds because weeding was a pain, with this thing my garden actually looks somewhat manicured. It takes some force to get through things with matted roots like grasses but it glides right through everything else and holds an edge well even in my rocky soils. I’m 6′ tall and would definitely recommend the 60″ handle.

  4. Julie Green

    I asked for this for Mother’s Day, finally got it and promptly fell in love! There is no downside to this hoe and not enough good one can say about it. It takes a chore I hate and turns it into a chore I positively love to do. It’s perfect for a Back to Eden gardening method, sliding through the wood chips that will repel a typical chop hoe and also my old stirrup style scuffle hoe. It makes short work out of Bermuda, crab, creeping Charlie and bindweed…this is the first year I’ve been able to keep on top of those invaders in the gardens. It’s able to slide right under landscaping timbers to cut them off at their source and even able to cut them off outside the garden, where the grass is thicker and more well established. It’s positively lethal. I told some people about it on the garden forums to which I belong and, to date, 7 people have bought this hoe and raved about it, while also saying they were going to buy this hoe for someone they loved as well. Y’all want to put me in your advertising budget? LOL

  5. Jerry (verified owner)

    Wow, cuts through weeds like butter with no real effort. Was using a push pull stirrup type hoe, which worked ok, but 10 times the effort to do the same work. Extremely satisfied, will look into getting a larger size.

  6. Virginia

    My husband bought this hoe several years ago and it was the best garden tool we have ever owned! He has left this outside in all types of weather (please take better care of yours)has never sharpened the blades and yet this thing still cuts through anything we use it on. I highly recommend this hoe, it cut down on the back pain that I had from using other hoes before we found this one. We also have the small hand hoe and it is just as valuable as the larger brother. Also love that it is made in the USA!

  7. Curt S.

    This hoe works remarkably well on softer or thicker weeds but sometimes just pushes the harder or thinner stuff over unless you exaggerate the angle specific to the direction you are using it. It has suffered a few dings in the cutting edges but my property is DG so that was expected. Those dings filed out easily enough. I regret not ordering the 11″ size. In fact I intend to do so.

  8. Maxine

    This will be the best garden tool you can ever purchase. I came to order a new one and see they are out of stock. I do hope it will be replenished soon. Just recommended it to two neighbors today while using my old one. I have about worn it out. I am 69 and this tool saves my back so much work.

  9. Mark Warner

    This very sharp and handy tool cuts through the toughest weeds in our Oregon clay soil. The soil becomes rock hard over the summer and this tool slices the weeds quickly. It can be turned on it’s side so just one weed can be sliced inside my very dense plantings. Durable, sharp and cuts either pulling or pushing. You need this tool!

  10. Trish

    I’m a relatively new gardener and was convinced weeding would be the thing that turned me off it forever. This hoe is LIFE. CHANGING. Now hoeing is my hobby. I walk around the yard looking for things to attack. I eagerly await the weed that DARES show up in a garden bed. As a friend said, this hoe makes weeds “pay for their existence with swift and brutal retribution.”

  11. Steven O’Farrell

    I borrowed a slightly smaller version of this Rogue hoe from my neighbor and I was amazed at the way it so efficiently sliced through weeds! I will be ordering one – or my cousin will whose yard I take care of – when they are back in stock. I have never been more impressed by a garden tool than I am by this one!

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