70G – 7″ Garden Hoe

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This tool is a great choice for those looking for a heavier hoe. The head measures 7″ x 2½” (W x H).

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This tool is a great choice for those looking for a heavier hoe. The head measures 7″ x 2½” (W x H) and balances best on the 60″ handle. Different length Ash handles available.

2 reviews for 70G – 7″ Garden Hoe

  1. Karl in Texas

    Most amazing garden tool I ever bought – I would not have believed it if I did not see it with my own eyes. Perfect balance, not too-heavy – not too light for real work – cut through weeds like a hot knife through butter.

  2. JoAnn Fields-Evans (verified owner)

    What an amazing tool. I ordered my first hoe from Rogue about 3-4 years ago to work in my yard. I have since moved to a rural area to be closer to my family. I have yet to sharpen my hoe since I purchased it. While working in my mother’s flower bed, my sister used my hoe and wanted one. I ordered 2, one for her and one for my dad, who is an old farmer and was amazed by the balance and sharpness of the hoe.
    Today I am ordering 2 more hoes for my daughter and brother who have their own gardens/fields.
    You can’t find a better quality product locally with the length of the handle or sharpness of the blade that is ready to work as soon as you get it, than the Rogue hoes.
    Thank you for a wonderful tool.

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