H60G – 6″ Hand Garden Hoe

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This hoe has the same head as our 60G, measuring 6″ x 1½” (W x H).

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A great hoe for fine weeding and flower boxes. A lot of dirt goes over the top of the blade. This hoe has the same head as our 60G, measuring 6″ x 1½” (W x H). Overall tool length measures 15″. Handle length measures 8″. Ash handle.

4 reviews for H60G – 6″ Hand Garden Hoe

  1. Lisa Johnson

    One stroke weeding. Great for work in the garden, for taking out new growth under bushes, or turn it on the side and take out dandelions in the yard.

  2. Purcell MacDonald

    Fantastic for hacking at grass edges, and you can also flip it on side for picking at taller, rooty weeds. So solid – you should put it in your will to leave to somebody.

  3. John (verified owner)

    This thing is like a weed razor. I cleaned out all my raised beds in just a few minutes. Very nimble and super sharp.

  4. Becky Bird

    I have owned this hoe for over 10 years. It is my favorite hand tool. I love it so much I purchased a package of 4 to give as house warming gifts. It is so well made and well balanced, that it is a joy to use. I weed my square foot beds small planting areas quickly with the flat side, and then I flip it on end, to dig holes quickly for bulbs, or small annual plants. Each fall, I lightly sand the handle and put a coat of teak oil on it. You will LOVE this fantastic tool! In fact I’ve brought it gardening classes I have taught as least 3 times over the years and will be bringing it and my 8 “ scuffle hoe to a class on Thursday to show as two of my gardening “favorites!” Thanks for a terrific tool!

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