55HX – 5.5″ The Beast

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Made in the Pulsaski Style, it weighs about 6 lbs and the head is 5½” wide by 13″ in length. The pick is 4″ wide.


We call this The Beast. Made in the Pulaski Style, it weighs about 6 lbs and the head is 5½” wide by 13″ in length. The pick is 4″ wide and comes with variable handle lengths and types. The photo features the 40″ hickory handled variation.  Ash models have a straight handle.

6 reviews for 55HX – 5.5″ The Beast

  1. Scott Crowley (verified owner)

    Perfect tool for chopping out what the stump grinder misses or can’t get at.

  2. Octavio Reyes

    Awesome tool!!!

    Performs beyond my expectations. Cuts and clears Mesquite & Huisache efficiently.

    Do your self a favor and make your life easier.

    I love my new tool so much, I keep safe inside our home.

  3. startledfinch (verified owner)

    Fantastic tool!!!

    The Rogue Pulsaski with a hickory handle is very strong and durable. I live in the North West and it made short work of blackberry’s, ivy, stumps and rocky soil.I dug out a stump the first day i got it. Love the craftsmanship, quality tool.

  4. Philip Guhl

    I have a Beast, personally, as well as our trail organization owns several. They hold an edge better than other tools we have used and weigh essentially the same as a Pulaski. I have only one issue…while the axe bit cuts deeper, it can stick since it is made from plate iron versus having a wedge shape. This issue is still not a deterrent to purchasing the tool. It is a wonderful tool.

  5. CE

    Dug out two stumps with this tool and it’s every bit as good as everyone says it is. Head is heavy for good chop with the axe blade and the wide hoe tears through the small stuff like it isn’t even there. The ferrule that mounts the handle also protects it from overstrike damage.

  6. Jim_in_IN

    This tool will do more work than you may want it to. I have been using one since 2014 building hiking trails in Indiana. It has never let me down.

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