60A – 6″ Hoe/Pick

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The 6″ x 9½” (W x H) head is sharp on 3 sides and has a 1¾” wide pick on the other end.

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The 6″ x 9½” (W x H) head is sharp on 3 sides and has a 1¾” wide pick on the other end. Along with the 40″ curved hickory handle, this Rogue Hoe weighs 4 lbs.

3 reviews for 60A – 6″ Hoe/Pick

  1. Adam Davidson

    This tool has been indispensable and versatile in our trail building projects. It shines in cutting mixed soil (the pick is great for chopping roots), its curved head is great for compacting…especially berms. We used it in some VERY rocky soil on a huge bench cut this weekend with success. The curved handle makes using it a pleasure. I’ve really come to prefer it over a longer, straight tool handle for many jobs. Plus, the beefy head/shaft connection makes me feel slightly better about the abuse it endures while beating and prying the ground and its many obstacles into a trail-like condition.

  2. Ryan Remp (verified owner)

    This tool was delivered in bubble wrap to protect the truck and the tool. After unwrapping I noticed a giant gash in the handle where it would seem it was struck significantly by another tool. I took a Dremel tool to it and sanded it off to perfection (probably an hour process).The tool was also delivered with dramatic burs in the metal. I’m in the process of working them out. 2 hours later and I’m still going, but eventually this tool will be perfect. Thank you Rogue Hoe for providing this bonding process.

  3. Stormy Manuals

    WORKHORSE. Great tool for heavy duty initial build work where swinging the tool and real digging is required. Benches, moves a decent amount of dirt, cuts through small/medium sized roots and the pick can move big rocks. Very good tool for rock work/armoring as well. Pick allows for precise rock placement and is an effective lever.

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