60C – 6″ Colinear Hoe

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This model comes with a 6″ x 2½” (W x H) head and weighs 2¼ lbs.

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This model comes with a 6″ x 2½” (W x H) head and weighs 2¼ lbs. The Ash handle measures 60″ long. The colinear hoe is a thumbs up hoe, with the cutting edge on the inside of the blade: opposite of a regular hoe. Some gardeners prefer this type as it’s designed to be used perpendicular to the ground with a pulling motion back toward the user. 54″ ash models will be substituted once 60″ ash model runs out.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Once supplier issues are resolved we will continue with the 60″ ash model.

2 reviews for 60C – 6″ Colinear Hoe

  1. Christopher Thompson (verified owner)

    You guys know how to make hoes! Excellent quality and super fast shipping. Excellent design, good steel, properly sharpened, good ash handle. I will buy my hoes here from now on. I appreciate made in USA.

  2. Cookies (verified owner)

    Light weight head, sharp and a strong handle makes this tool excellent at reaching between plants and around the boarders surrounding the garden to control weeds a excellent tool for the job. I highly recommend!

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