70F – 7″ Field Hoe

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The head measures 7″ x 6½” (W x H) and it’s sharp on 3 sides. It weighs 4¼ lbs.


Used by thousands of cotton growers, this Rogue Hoe cuts up to 1″ diameter trees, as well as large weeds. It’s great for clearing land. The head measures 7″ x 6½” (W x H) and it’s sharp on 3 sides. It weighs 4¼ lbs. Available in different handles and lengths.

4 reviews for 70F – 7″ Field Hoe

  1. Seth

    Love this hoe, I cannot find better build quality anywhere! Every gardener needs one of these. Best for heavy weeds, brush, breaking up compacted soil.

  2. Jeff (verified owner)

    A fair review means pros & cons of this tool be presented so as to inform potential new customers of this tools potential benefit to them or not. Pros- EVERYTHING! I take my tools seriously. I buy once and take care of the tool so it does its job properly. The quality of steel is superb, the weight of the head allows the SUPER sharp edge to do the work, my handle grain orientation was the best I have ever seen!
    The only cons I have about this tool are actually petty in reality bc they are cosmetic. I wish the sheath was brown & I wish that the handle was connected to the head with 2 rivets in opposite directions vs. the 1 rivet. That being said, I haven’t had any problems with the attachment. I HIGHLY recommend this tool. It WILL make your gardening easier!

  3. Blake Henson

    Great tool. For the price I would like to see the Rogue logo engraved or etch into the tool. Not just the sticker that comes off In time. That way it would be there when I pass it down to my kids.

  4. Tiffany

    My dad loves it. It’s heaviness helps him get through whatever root he’s digging up. Worth the cost of shipping to Hawaii. According to him, built very well.

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