70HR – 7″ Hoe/Rake

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On one side, you have the 70H head and on the opposite side you have our Rake. It weighs about 5 to 5½ lbs.


A highly-requested Rogue Hoe, this tool is actually two of our hoes combined into one! On one side, you have the 70H head and on the opposite side you have our Rake. It weighs about 5 to 5½ lbs. (Note: there is a postal oversize cost included in the price due to its large size.) Available in different lengths and handles.

5 reviews for 70HR – 7″ Hoe/Rake

  1. Brad Herder

    I was hesitant to buy this because I thought it might be too heavy but it’s actually lighter than my flimsy McLeod. I am ecstatic at how strong this is, how well it cuts roots, digs and scrapes soil, even New England rocks and roots. This is going to make my trail building efforts much easier! If I can post a link to a video in this review, please check this out: https://youtu.be/EIzUdogoZ24 Thanks for making such high quality tools! If I need anything else, Rogue Hoe will be the first place I look. Thanks! Brad

  2. rick

    a thing of beauty. I love this hoe. during yesterday’s trail work session, I was easily outperforming the McLeod’s in the group removing duff, moss, small stones and roots (some around 1 1/2″ in diameter). This thing is a champ

  3. Bones

    Quite a hefty tool for your average gardener, but comes in clutch when digging out stubborn roots. Very light rust even after 5+ years which means the finish and steel are superb!

  4. Mike

    Used this tool for 5 years now and is a much better option than a standard fire rake for trail building. Cuts and shifts material with ease and rugged enough for our very tough Australian conditions. Hickory handle is the perfect length and shape for working long periods and not feeling shattered the next day.

  5. Ben Armenta

    This is my go to for ever type of trail building. Everyone that has seen and used the Rouge Hoe has been very impressed by it. Between a McLoad which is still a great tool the Rouge Hoe wins. I have never brought it inside, and have left it out side all winter and it still works amazing well. There is nothing bad about this tool, if you are on the edge of buy you will not regret it.

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