70NBR – 7″ No Break Rake

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This rake weighs a little over 4 lbs and the head measures 6½” x 6½”. It makes a great all-purpose rake, perfect for the garden, the trail, or even fighting fires.

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Have you seen our No Break Rake? This is what you call a rake! Highly requested, this rake weighs a little over 4 lbs and the head measures 6½” x 6½”. It makes a great all-purpose rake, perfect for the garden, the trail, or even fighting fires. And, like the rest of our Rogue Hoes, they’re 100% American made and built one at a time. Available in different lengths and handles.

1 review for 70NBR – 7″ No Break Rake

  1. Jeffrey Young (verified owner)

    Used my rake this morning for the first time, My handle is 60″ ash. Travis tool we bought has a 48″ handle and I thought to short, i was right 54″/60″ handle much better. We are in the SW desert, so dirt goes from sand to clay to forest. I believe the No Break Rake is one of the best tools for the area. I have filed the corners to a dull edge, which works very well for breaking down the berm on the trail. Rake end moves lots of loose dirt, does some digging as well. If I was just building trails I would get the Travis tool with the long handle. For trail Maintenance the No Break Rake seems to work the best…

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