70AR – 7″ Travis Tool

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This multi-purpose tool has a beveled scraper on one side, a rake on the other, and a 7″ wide sharp hoe on the bottom.

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We are thrilled to introduce this new tool to our product line! The 70AR is built for removing brush from a trail or small locust trees or cedars from a pasture. It’s also great for digging out roots and rocks. It has a beveled scraper on one side, a rake on the other, and a 7″ wide sharp hoe on the bottom. One great multi-purpose Rogue Hoe! Available with an ash handle.

7 reviews for 70AR – 7″ Travis Tool

  1. Peter M. (verified owner)

    This is the most versatile tool I own. This tool has so many uses! It’s extremely effective for cutting any size roots, the different size blades are great for trenching and it’s especially good for breaking up hard surfaces, and makes dragging piles of dirt & rocks much easier to handle with its wide rake blade. This tool is a beast. Ladies, be forewarned, this tool is heavy, but its heft makes it so powerful you can take on the toughest projects. I can’t believe how durable it is to have taken the abuse I’ve put it through. The Travis tool is so well made it’s bound to last beyond my lifetime.

  2. Rob A.

    The best of the Rogue tools IMO. It may be the most versatile trail building tool currently available. It is heavy so maybe not ideal for workers on the small side or not in shape to use it, but its weight is a plus for those who are used to digging.

  3. Steve Cypher (verified owner)

    I’ve impressed several experienced trail workers with this tool. I do volunteer trail work in the Los Padres National Forest in CA. I often hike long distances and carry a full backpack on trail projects. This versatile tool is what I need for rocky soil and chaparral when it’s not practical to carry a McLeod and a Pulaski. It’s heavy enough but not too heavy. The long handle is great for cutting yucca roots and leveling tread. If it could be broken, I’d have done it by now.

  4. Chris A

    I’ve only got a couple days of use out of this so far but I am super impressed. It deosn’t feel excessively heavy to swing but still has lots of power to break through roots and tough soil. Ill definitely be adding more Rogue tools to my collection

  5. Max

    Just finished chopping my first section of trail with this tool and wow, am I impressed! The ground I was digging in was shale rock filled soil with nasty roots and the Travis tool didn’t even flinch! The hoe side made quick work of the bulk of the clearing, the pick tip got under the larger rocks, the rake side pulled all the small rocks out, the flat side graded the trail nicely and the flat top worked perfect as a tamper! Honestly I don’t think there is a better tool to bring with you for a day of trail building or maintenance. I was hacking through roots and branches like butter. It was expensive by the time I had it shipped to Canada but I would justify the cost all over again now that I’ve had the privilege of using it.

  6. Stormy Manuals

    Most versatile building and maintenance tool out there. Does lots of things very well. All features work well= rake/scraper/hoe/pick. Enough heft and surface area for tamping too. Longer handle is great for flatter ground and maintenance. Shorter handle is better for building and steeper terrain. High quality tool. Takes a beating. Retired the Mcleod for maintenance and shaping after using the Travis.

  7. Tim the Tool Man

    As an experiment, I threw in 4 of the 70AR’s on a large order of 55 & 70HR’s last year for our trail building/advocacy group. We have a tool supply to handle up to about 150 volunteers at a time. For the last year, I have been asking everybody that grabs the 70AR for a work day “what they think” and its always a complete thumbs-up response. It’s truly a “if you had to have ONE tool with you” kind if tool. Personally. I like it so much for all the building/maintenance I do, that I bought the head for my Tool Boss custom packable trail tool. I was delighted to find it was available for that platform. It really does all.

    Give me a 70AR Travis and a 14″ Steel Rake and I’ll build you a trail network! Love it! My ONLY complaint is I want it in a fiberglass handle. That would be a great option and I’d add a bunch more to our tool trailer inventory!

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